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Kertész Erika


The Hungarian band called E.K.Avenue was founded in April, 2009 by Erika Kertész and three great and acknowledged musicians.

At first they played jazz standards and cover songs from the '80-'90s, but as months went by, more and more original songs appeared in their repertoire, written by Erika, arranged by the guys.

In January, 2010 they have recorded their first album, Little Girl. The genre of the 13 originals is hard to categorize, it is the stylish and unique mixture of funky grooves, soulful melodies and jazzy arrangements.

Lately they play mostly the original songs of this CD and new compositions in their concerts.

The members of the band are: 

Róbert Rátonyi - piano, keyboards         

                  Péter Szendőfi - drums

György Frey - bass guitar         
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